Neurolinguistics and Language Processing Laboratory

Students preparing a participant for an EEG experiment

In the Neurolinguisitics and Language Processing Laboratory, we conduct a range of studies examining the nature, real-time processing, and neural instantiation of human language. Our research is typically cross-method, utilizing a variety of psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic measurements, and cross-linguistic, examining a variety of languages. Major domains of language investigated include morphology, syntax and semantics/pragmatics, and populations investigated include both native speakers and adult second language learners. The lab is part of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Kansas, and has a number of active collaborations with members of the Second Language Acquisition Lab, Developmental Psycholinguistics Lab, and Phonetics/Psycholinguistics Lab (KUPPL), . Members of the Neurolinguistics & Language Processing Lab also participate in a shared weekly lab research group, organized under the recurring seminar Research in Acquisition and Processing (LING 851) in which students present their in-progress research and receive peer and faculty feedback on their work.